Come browse our 11,000 square foot showroom and additional 10,875 square feet of covered porches. We are your complete outdoor center!
Come browse our 11,000 square foot showroom and 10,875 square feet of covered porches plus two onsite warehouses. Largest selection in the southeast!

Grilling and Outdoor Living

Callaway’s is… Grilling and Outdoor Living

Callaway’s carries three different grill types

Primo Grill XL Oval

The Primo grill is a ceramic grill and cooker that comes in four different sizes: the extra large oval, the large oval, the Junior oval, and the round all in one. Primo grills use natural lump charcoal and are great for steaks, chicken, and burgers as well as ribs, briskets, and Boston butts. Primo grills are made in the USA.

Holland Vintage

The Holland Grill is a gas grill that will not flare up. It has a drip pan between the food and flame. In addition to grilling, the Holland grill can be used to slow cook or steam foods by filling the drip pan with water or apple juice. Holland grills are made in USA.

Portable Kitchen

The Portable Kitchen is a cast aluminum grill that uses charcoal. The simple design and double vents on both top and bottom make cooking a breeze. With the all aluminum design the Portable Kitchen grill will last forever. Portable Kitchen grills are made in the USA.

Callaway’s can fill your propane bottles

Always cheaper than exchange

When you use an exchange method you get about 20% less propane and it costs more. Notice how the exchange places never tell you how much you are getting. Callaway’s fills your grill bottle full with 20 lbs of propane. A typical grill bottle that is properly filled should weigh 37 lbs.

Grillin’ at Callaway’s:

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