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Time to Plant Fruit Trees

It is time to get your fruit trees planted! Callaway’s has apple, fig, pear, plum, blueberries muscadine, and more! We will continue to receive shipments. There are a few simple rules to follow that will increase the survival rate of your plant and the fruit production such as the location you to choose to plant, the correct planting technique and the care you give your plant.

            After selecting the type of fruit you wish to plant, the next step is to choose a great location for your fruit tree. Questions to ask yourself is will the plant receive enough hours of sunlight and does the plant have enough room as it matures. The mature heights and widths of most plants are on the plant tags. However, Callaway’s has this info available for you.

            You are now ready to plant. You should dig a hole twice as wide and one and a half times as deep as the container. If the soil you removed is rich and loose, fill in the bottom half of the hole with it. If the soil is not loose and rich, we suggest using Callaway ‘s bed builder to fill in.  Next, remove your plant carefully from the container. You do not want to disturb the root ball. The plant should not be set deeper in the hole than it was planted in its container. You may have to add more soil or bed builder. After the plant has been set into the hole, you should make certain it is straight and centered. Now fill the hole with soil. You may slightly dampen the soil as you fill in so the soil settles and does not create air pockets. After filling in the hole, you should come out about twelve inches from the center and create a four-inch mound of dirt to form a basin to hold water when you water your plant. Now give your plant a thorough watering. Do not fertilize for at least three months or until plant’s roots have become established. Also some fruit trees may need staking. Do it now but be careful not to damage the root ball.

            Third, water your plants regularly according to their needs and climate. Plants such as blueberries and figs have a shallow root system and require frequent watering. Remember, most fruits take several years to start producing.

            Planting fruit trees is very rewarding especially as you begin to harvest.  If you have any questions, Callaway’s will be glad to assist you anyway we can. 

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