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Home for the Holidays Part 2

Well, I found out that there is apparently a word limit on blog posts!  Oops.  Here is part two of the November/December Stages Article Home for the Holidays.

Check your patio furniture and give it a quick onceover with some warm soapy water.  Make sure you have enough comfortable seating or dining area for the gatherings you have planned.



Now you are ready for the really fun part!  Pumpkins, hay bales and scarecrows just mean fall don’t they?  Your garden center will have a nice selection for you.  Garden mums will bloom now and if cared for will bloom again in the spring when it warms again.  Add some dried grasses and leaves and you are done!



The Christmas season begins right as Thanksgiving is waning.  Some families like to go ahead and decorate early.  I can certainly see the wisdom in that as it seems the closer the calendar gets to Christmas, the more packed it will become.  If we plan ahead, decorating the tree and house will be a pleasure. 



Your family will need to decide on using a real freshly cut tree or a permanent pre lit tree.  If you choose a fresh tree, be sure to get it from a garden center that will have good quality trees and will put a fresh cut on the trunk.  This will allow your new tree to take in as much water as possible.  Be sure to check the water often and refill as necessary.  Permanent Christmas trees come in many different sizes of both height and girth.  You also have the choice of colored or clear lights. If your family has chosen a permanent pre lit tree, you will simply need to unbox it, connect some plugs and shape the branches. 



Now is the best part… the decorations!  Most families have boxes of sentimental favorites stored from year to year.  Pull out those boxes and put on some Christmas music.  Unwrap each ornament and find just the right spot on your tree for each special memory. 



Garlands, wreaths, lights, bows and streamers, all these mean Christmas!  They can be used indoors as well as outdoors to spread the Christmas spirit around. 



If you need help with updating your Christmas décor or adapting to a new home with a new color scheme, Callaway’s can help.  Our designers are excellent at helping you select just the right additions for your home.



We’ve gotten you ready for the celebrations to come.  Enjoy the atmosphere you have created for your family and friends.  Relax and drink in the Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit.  Cherish the extra time you have with your loved ones and most importantly of all, remember the reason for this season.













I hope you enjoyed this article and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.  

Alison 26-Nov-2013 0 Comments
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